“When you choose intuitive living, you are signing a contract with the Soul and the Spirit that you will follow your own path.”

Anybody can easily learn how to use the vast power of intuition and intuitive self healing to help you overcome any of your life’s challenges – relationship problems, poor job performance, sexual intimacy problems, depression, sleep deprivation or even just being in a bad mood.

Author Katalin Bator-Hos holds degrees in Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy and business administration.  In this book, she teaches readers powerful intuitive thinking techniques perfected while helping people for 9 years as a life coach and therapist and advanced training at the Brain Science program at the Neuroscience Academy.

If you say to yourself “I want to change my life and learn how to be happy”, you will be surprised how quick and easy (and free!) it is to use the author’s methods that have been proven to allow people of any age to start feeling good and leading a better life.

Among the many mind control techniques learned include:

  • How empathic intuition works in shaping our lives and how you can develop your intuitive abilities and become more self aware
  • Develop your inner connectedness and get in the flow of intuitive living
  • Using fun and therapeutic activities like intuitive painting for healing your soul
  • Unlock your potential through life changing stress reduction exercises

The Ultimate Self-help Guide

This book will encourage you to take action and help you understand the benefit of intuition and how it can shape your lives.


Practical, Step-by-Step Exercises

Complete the creative exercises after the end of each chapter, gain experiences, and create fascinating changes in your life.

Very Simple and Easy to Purchase

​With a delivery time almost instantaneous, you can purchase this eBook anywhere at any time; read it comfortably, whether at your home or workplace.

Unlock Your Mind's restrictions

You will find out your limiting and false beliefs. Instead of running away, you will learn to accept it. You will get to know yourself better and discover the way to your limitless life guided by your superpower – your intuition.

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