One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting

Your helper: Katalin Bátor-Hős, Creatively Fit Coach™, Psychosomatic Hypnotherapist, Life coach, SVT, Soul-Sound therapist, Kinesiologist.

One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting Package

„Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

Henry Ward Beecher

If the workshop times I offer are not convenient for you, or you prefer private sessions to open up your inner, then One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting Session package is the right decision for you.

Some of the areas One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting Sessions will help you:

Depression, Anger, Negative Self talk, Lost sight of goals and life purpose, Self-esteem, Fear and Anxiety, Blame, Lack of Motivation, Feeling empty, Relationship issues with yourself and others, negative belief system.


If you would like to read about the Intuitive Soul Painting in general, please click HERE.


At first I want to say sorry for my mistakes in English) I’m from Belarus, speak Russian, but I promise do my best)

Well, I’d like to tell you about my first experience in painting therapy now. I was very lucky person to have a chance to know Katalin in a very interesting period of my life. The period when I’m trying to know myself, understand myself, help myself in my own life to feel good way)

You know, to start paint was a really hard thing for me, I was sure that this thing is for somebody, but not for me absolutely! So, I didn’t paint from school!

Katalin gave me some colors a paper and said : let’s paint! I said : what?!  Nooooooo.

So we both laughed, and this brought a relief already.

After that we had a little talk about… Whatever! :) Then she showed me some little tricks and I started) she pushed me by small steps.. One by one by one… We talked, she gone and came back. She was a like a doctor for my work, for what I did feel. And eventually I’ve got what I’ve got!  And I’m soooooo proud of what I’ve got! I’ve seen myself; I’ve seen my soul condition! The result I’ve got was really amazing!) I put it on a wall in my room, and now I want to paint more) just to see myself) to understand) and I want to tell her thank you very much) I was really lucky person to know you ???

Alina Krot

„Art is the creation of forms, symbolic of human feelings.”

(Susanne Langer)


What will I gain from these sessions?

I combine intuitive painting practice with the help of Tarot cards, soul therapy and life coaching, intuitive guidance that will help you to:

  • gain more clarity about your life, relationships, life purpose,
  • rediscover your inner wisdom
  • increase your own intuition and spiritual connection
  • gain a greater understanding of how you limit your life, relationships, joy, peace, and abundance (and how to remove those limits)
  • Break through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Disengage from negative reoccurring patterns in your life.
  • be more present, and be able to connect with your inside and outside world more, where you find all the answers for your questions.


(…) We just started to paint, because it feels good…because it charges one’s soul with energy and takes you back to that sweet, careless childhood.

Yes, I did it finally. I can tell you, painting was so good, that I am looking forward to the next opportunity…so far in my life there were two things, when I have felt such a relaxation, one is the horseback riding, the other is sewing… (…)


(…) So it happened, I’ve painted a hummingbird …

every time I take a glance at it now, I will remember … that I shouldn’t forget to fly.

… I admit it, there’re still days when I forget that I’m capable of anything.

Now I’m learning to believe in me and to fly in my life (…)

Tímea Lánczos-Benkő

Tímea Lánczos-Benkő - stylist

How does it work? 

  • You will bring your open mind and a willingness to paint
  • We will start with some simple but powerful exercises such as soul scribbles, tarot card guidance, free association techniques
  • We will bring into the light any stories or thoughts you have that are creating blockages for you and then connect to feelings, beliefs, goals and dreams that connect you to the direction you want your life to go. With each brushstroke we will take a step away from the blocks and towards your highest dreams for yourself.
  • Each session will include intuitive guidance given to me to serve your highest good, creativity coaching, relaxing meditations, and intuitive painting. We will work to release fears, inner criticism, perfection, the need for control and more. Each successive session will build upon the last and go deeper into the painting you were working on the previous week.
  • I will guide you through the painting process, no hurry, we will have 3 sessions to work on your piece of art and see how you develop through it.
  • We will close each session with talking and decoding your art and understanding your feelings and meanings what are coming from your painting.

Do I need to know how to paint?

Nope, it is not necessary. You already know how to paint. We just have to awaken you inner child, who was a real artist back when you were a child. She/he is still living inside you! ☺

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Nope, just your open mind and soul.

The One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting Package’s price is:

3 x 2 hour sessions, with a total price: HUF 49.000 (∼EUR 155)

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