What is intuitive painting? And what is not.


We can see our world and ourselves not only through our eyes, but with our thoughts, logics (IQ), feelings, emotions (EQ) and with our intuition too.

The intuition is working for everyone, but a lot of people are overwriting it by the mind. If you really want to live your life in FLOW, you will want to develop your intuition continuously.

We live in a world, where logic is dominating, and intuition is sent backstage for the most of the day. This is causing continuous doubt and insecurity. Of course, insecurity is leading to inability to make decisions and changes. And that is it. We are lost.

The channel of communication for the soul is the intuition. The language of the soul is the visual language.

Intuitive painting is an intuitive, spiritual, creative exercise. The most important aspect of it is to change your relationship to your intuition.

It will help you to

  • pay attention to the little signs of life., leading to more self-confidence and feelings of TRUST.
  • really pay attention to them, and take new action inspired by your intuition.
  • realize when your intuition, your inner voice speaks to you and when is your analyst / judgmental mind is talking to you
  • unleash your creative self, which helps you to see how many opportunities are waiting for you and take one step at a time towards the opportunities you desire.

The One-on-One Intuitive Soul Painting Sessions is really a reflection in the mirror of your soul, the main distinction is, that you are grasping a brush.

During painting you are in a process of letting go of your judgements (“I am unable to paint, change, etc…”). You will start to feel that your limiting logical mind is loosening up and replacing those thoughts with thoughts of possibility and optimism.

When your mind is getting more and more silent, you are getting more and more present, open, sensitive and receptive.

And while being more present, you are going to be able to connect with your inside and outside world more, where you find all the answers for your questions.

I am working on One-on-One and in groups. In the summer of 2016, please contact me for exact times.

Please let me know if you are interested in One-on-One intuitive soul painting sessions, or your would like to organize a group.


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