How I work

It is not by accident that you are on this website and it is not by accident that you are reading these lines.

Maybe you are looking for an answer, or a solution to a problem in a certain area of your life, or maybe you feel that you need help to discover how to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Maybe you feel you can’t find your place and if you think about the past you realize that what you got was not what you wanted. You are having relationship problems or are stuck in money matters. Maybe you lack self confidence or don’t get on with your children. Or maybe you already have physical symptoms and looking for ways to ease or end them. And, of course, it’s possible that there is some other burden on your shoulders.

Our constant mind chatter, solution seeking, self-pity, blaming and, in lots of cases, too much pleasure distances us from reality. Life itself. And for this reason, we gradually forget to live. We let ourselves drift, be vulnerable, so we start acting in haste, we bury ourselves in courses, books and teachings or we blame other people or circumstances for our problems.

Alright, but how do I live a happy life? -You may ask. How can I solve my problems, how can I move forward when I’m feeling stuck? And anyway, what’s the purpose of life?

What if I told you that the purpose of life is life itself.

What is here now, happening. Yes, even now, while you are reading these lines. You decide what purpose you give to the power of NOW.

To live a fulfilled life you have to understand and discover YOURSELF and what spiritual state you are in right now!

You were alive yesterday and, as far as we know, you will be tomorrow but is it really worth dealing with these periods of your life? Everything we bring from our past is a multitude of different belief systems, teachings, family traditions and views. We don’t know where we acquired them anymore but they have become a part of us and we believe that’s who we really are. When it comes to our future we have the same thoughts in the forms of wishes and dreams, things we would or would not like to achieve or experience. Is digging too much in the past or painting the future really worth it when right now we have everything we need within.

But let’s get back to how I work and how I can help you.

I, just like others who work in this field, studied a lot of different methods -you can read more about it here- and have always thought that yes, all methods are great, all have positive effects and want to achieve the same outcome ( health, happiness etc ) but why do we need so many of them? All these methods can be used, it’s a fact however that behind every method there are specific belief systems, views or limits through which we have to limit ourselves in certain areas in our lives. The individual, the soul is limitless, so we can only understand it in its own wholeness. If we realize that we are all ONE and the only difference between us is how we view the world (because of the memories of the soul, experiences in the past etc.), then we will understand that there is no method that works for everyone.

Every person is unique and every person arrived on this planet with an unrepeatable purpose. Life itself is an amazing discovery and if we recognize this, the miracles, which whenever noticed were there, will start to appear.

I use my intuition and knowledge to help you to discover yourSELF.

To live and experience harmony in your life you have to realize and understand why you don’t have harmony, what areas you are stuck in and how you got into this situation.

Understand and really live your life. Wake up from the general drifting and take responsibility. Everyone for themselves.I will help you discover yourself, help you see your wonderful individuality so you can live the life you are longing for. If necessary, I will use the techniques I was trained it but basically we will just give each other the freedom to discover and understand where you are stuck so you can find the road to freedom.To have a truly happy and balanced existence and to see a real change you have to understand what the walls and fears are that keep you from living your life to its fullest. Until you don’t see this how would you be able to change? As soon as these walls tumble down you won’t feel the need to have them anymore, your soul can finally be true and you will be on your way to happiness and health.

I’m inviting you on a journey, a journey to get to know yourself and discover your individuality! I would be honored to join you for a while…

…Are you ready to wake up and live fully?You can read about the different types of therapies