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Hi, I’m Katalin Bátor-Hős the Creative Mindset Spark

I believe humans are created to be CREATIVE! And unfortunately (or not!), CREATIVITY AND FRUITFUL EXPERIENCES live BEYOND your comfort zone.
Are you ready to live beyond your comfort zone, and CREATE IN YOUR GREATNESS EVERY SINGLE DAY of your Life?

Meet Katalin

Katalin is a practicing healer, Creative Mindset Spark, author and artist.


She is a Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter and a supporter of life explorers.


She is a Creatively Fit Coach™, Psychosomatic Hypnotherapist and Kinesiologist.


She is creating her own genuine life as well as helping everyone else on their way to personal freedom with intuitive guidance.

If we look at her roles in her private life, She is also a woman, mom, wife, friend, helper, explorer.

You are working on yourself for years now, reading self-help books and meditating and eating healthy food and trying to be happy…but even though you have read a whole library of

“How to be happy and successful” books you have still that something yelling at you: Hey… there must be something MORE in life… .
and here is the key… 

if you keep on searching to be MORE happy, MORE healthy, MORE kind… it is already telling you that ‘You are not enough’. Yep.. you can only reach happiness when you stop searching for answers outside of you. And yep, you can use tools, but tools will not do the work for you.. You will have to look inside…and when you take responsibility for yourself you will start experiencing not more life, but a life with full of colors and possibilities!

Stop listening to this WANTING MORE thingy right now and just remember
You are capable of doing anything…if you can picture it inside yourself.

If you see yourSELF, you will see your own unique images of life too.

They will come to light! .

Use your intuition! 

“Life is like a painting palette, you decide what colors you are putting on and what colors you are mixing out from them.

If you don’t like the result, then you can remix it, and paint over again your canvas, your art, your life. “

(Katalin Bator-Hos)

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Living your life, and working a career you hate to keep everyone else happy, is keeping you playing small in EVERY area of your life. You do it every single day! You screw yourself up and you hate what you do…but you “HAVE to”… because of those Good old beliefs such as:

  • I am too old/young!
  • I don’t have enough degrees!
  • I still have to learn some to get out from here!
  • I have a family!
  • I don’t have a family!
  • I can’t just do what I want!
  • What would my parents/spouse say if I would just choose a different path?
  • It’s not that easy in my country!

I mean I could go on and on with this list and believe me I had A LOT on my HOW TO SCREW MYSELF OVER! I guess if I would’ve written a book about it, it would’ve reached the top of the BIGGEST LOSERS BESTSELLER LIST in just a day!
I was always measuring myself and comparing myself to OTHERS! I wanted to please my family.I felt too uneducated (even after 4 languages, 3 College degrees and tons of courses), I still felt not enough.

I wanted to make everybody happy…BUT ME! Of course, it’s not always so straightforward because we LOVE to hang around in the roles of the “rescuer” or the “victim”. It’s just comfy. And it took me again and again to self-despair and undervaluing me.

But if you are doing what you actually HATE and continuously only dreaming about your LIFE then slowly you just start to HATE YOURSELF! BUMMER!

You cannot do that! It is the perfect way to ruin everything because this will slowly rotten all areas of your life! YOU DON’T WANT THAT, DO YOU?
So many times I see how my clients flourish after realizing that they just have to stop pleasing others, they have to please first themselves! And is this narcissistic? Nope! It is positive SELF-ishness, meaning that because you start to focus within more, love and understand yourself and you will be more authentic and much happier. With an authentic and happy YOU will be able to GIVE more and LIVE More!

So WHEN do you want to LIVE a life around your passion and start to be HONEST with yourself where you screw yourself up?

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